Started fixing up broken links and DMCA'd files.




Guess I have to redo all these links now, stay tuned!


And so, the first batch of Taito Type X games are complete! Beginning tomorrow, I will begin uploading Taito Type X+ games.

Stay Tuned!


Well it has been a little more than a week of Type x dumps, and all are released but four. As always, you can grab

them over on the TTX page, and keep tuning in, because after Type X, we will start with Type X+, which has

some cool shit. Don't touch that dial, because we're serving up cool jams soon!


Let the month of daily dumps begin! Check back here if you miss a day on the thread, or you just want to browse.

This month is Taito Type x games, so you can find all of the dumps at the TTX page.


First public soft launch of the site on the domain. A lot of shit is still broken, and a lot of things are misnamed.

Links that currently work include: Elevator Action: Death Parade (it's shit, dont bother), and Haunted Museum (it's okay)